Dimm City Spores

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A Dimm City Spore is a rules light (Lasers & Feelings homebrew) introduction to the Dimm City Campaign Setting/WEB3 Character Evolution for use with the rules heavy Quest RPG System.

In a Dimm City Spore, Dreamers (players) take on the role of a sporos hero doing good deeds in a bad place using magic, technology, combat, and their own wits to succeed. Dream Masters (the judge and storyteller) provide environmental descriptions, atmosphere, challenges, and opponents along with the plot to drive the Dream (shared story) forward. The Dream Master is not an enemy of the Dreamers, but a guide into Dimm City and all the action, adventure, and secrets it holds. Dreamers and the DM work together to create a story that is both exciting and unforgettable.

To download a copy of a spore, click one of the menu items below. Use the DCC to learn more about Dimm City and it's citizens.

We hope you enjoy your journey,
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